Waterfall Full Day Tour
Waterfall Full Day Tour
Waterfall Full Day Tour
Waterfall Full Day Tour

Waterfall Full Day Tour

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A brilliant blend of culture, nature and lot of fun.You'll visit the home of a village Chief and take part in authentic ceremonies, hear tales of local folklore, superstition and ancient practices of traditional and cannibalism on this award winning day trip in Fiji.

 From the moment you are picked up, there isn’t a moment wasted – and it’s all at a leisurely and relaxing pace. Of course, the waterfall is wonderful, but what makes this tour so very special is the authentic cultural aspect and guides who delight with their entertainment, fun and knowledge – traditional plant medicines, tribal hierarchy, ancient practices and mystical folklore. This is a rare chance to experience a combination of Aqua Tours today’s village lifestyle and ancient traditional customs.. And there are no shows!

Village protocol and ceremonies – “Tama”, “Sevusevu” and “kava” in the home of the village chief. They explain the ceremonies and tell some of the fascinating history about this tribal village, including tales of superstition, witchcraft and cannibalism! A brief stroll through the village gives glimpses of typical homes and lifestyles.
Leisurely rainforest trek – after the village, a rustic trail takes you wandering for about 30minutes through native bush land and lush tropical rainforest – splashing through shallow streams while along the way, their guides explain the traditional usage of plants including herbal medicines which have been used for centuries – from berries, to inner bark and roots. Some plants were used in voodoo concoctions and others to counteract them!.
Waterfall swimming – “Savu na Mate Laya” waterfall is steeped in mysterious legends. It’s believed to be the favourite swimming place of the famous spirit gods, “The Twins” and cascades about 120 ft. Into an inviting swimming lagoon. Take a refreshing dip in the therapeutic waters, or just delight in the tranquillity of a wondrous setting of ancient trees and lush tropical surroundings. You’ll understand how legends were born here.
A great rainy day excursion – while most tours are subject to good weather, this one is great in wet weather too. There’s nothing quite like warm rain in a rainforest and it smells wonderful too. They don’t have paved walkways so their guests get to feel the warm squishing between their toes, only to be rinsed off at the next creek crossing. Using Fijian umbrellas – giant “Via” leaves and seeing prawns jumping in the streams is such a wonderful experience – one almost wishes for rain.

Duration – 7 Hours
Operates – (Mon-Sun except Christmas & New Year’s Day)
Entry to Village not available on Sunday’s

Cancellation/Refunds/No Shows
Tour is refundable if booking is cancelled before 07 days of departure, administration fee of FJD50.00 per person applies
Cancellation inside 07 days of departure is non-refundable.
No Shows – will result in full cancellation and value of tour being forfeited.

Child Policy
0-5 years – FOC
6-11 years – 50%
12+ years – Full rate applies